PhD Collaborations

Since 2006 we have supervised 28 collaborative doctoral students (12 of those still current) undertaking research into a wide variety of the Museum’s subjects and collections, from design history, photography, history of art, history of material culture, to traditional subjects such as the history of the Royal Navy. A few examples of PhDs include:

  •    Anti-slavery and the Royal Navy in the Atlantic Ocean, 1810-1890: race, empire and identity
  •    The Queen’s House at Greenwich: the material culture of the courts of Anna of Denmark and Henrietta Maria 1603-1669)
  •     Masculinity and the Georgian Navy
  •     Accommodating the Passenger: Interior Design for the Union Castle Line, 1945-1977
  •     The History of British Prison Hulks, 1776–1864
  •     17th Century Cartography - 'Empire and useful knowledge: mapping and charting the British Atlantic World, 1660-1720'
  •     Thames Rising: Representations of the River Thames in 18th Century Culture
  •     Instrumentation and the Magnetic Crusade
  •     Portraiture and the British Naval Officer, c.1740-1805