Research Activities

Our research is broadly split across five key areas


We want Scotland’s historic environment to be better known, appreciated and understood. Our research is about investigating and recording our historic environment to continually develop knowledge, understanding and interpretation of our past and to explore how best to conserve, sustain and present it.


We need to understand and influence the state of our historic environment so that we and others can care for and protect it in order to both enjoy and benefit from it and to conserve and enhance it for future generations.


We want people to value, celebrate and enjoy the historic environment. We will improve our understanding of the value of our historic environment so that we can share and celebrate its richness and significance, enabling us all to enjoy the fascinating and inspirational diversity of our heritage.

Leading and enabling

We want Scotland’s historic environment to make a strong contribution to the cultural, social, environmental and economic wellbeing of Scotland and its people. Our research will help to capture the wider impact of the historic environment on the economy, health, wellbeing and social cohesion of Scotland.


We want to be a high-performing organisation. Tracking changes in Scotland’s historic environment and in our own performance will inform our future actions.