RBGE's curatorial expertise and research partnerships cover a range of disciplines including: science, horticulture, arts & humanities, health & well-being and interdisciplinary area studies. We have particular expertise in collections-based and archival research, digitisation and digital identifiers.

As a national collection we work with institutions across Scotland, the UK and internationally to undertake and support research for public benefit. We often work with partners and stakeholders to help define policy and practice for our sectorand this includes EU- and UK Research Council-funded collaborative projects.

Scientists and horticulturists at RBGE deliver a wide programme of research and conservation work on plant and fungal diversity. Our major goals are:

  • To conserve plant biodiversity in the face of global environmental change and mass extinction,
  • To provide baseline taxonomic/botanical data as a foundation science,
  • To understand the evolutionary processes that have given rise to the world's botanical diversity.